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Food Guru

We want to look after you continually, for that reason we have decided to improve the existing comments system and make your profiles more attractive.
Your opinions are of utmost importance to us, that is why we are offering you more space for expressing your thoughts. Thus you will inspire both us and other users and you can become an influential “food critic”. We believe that together, in the spirit of the motto “Don't Eat Dumb!” we will uplift the Czech gastronomic scene.
Each of you is assigned a table in which you will find:


  1. User popularity: Popularity with other users
  2. Comments popularity: Received thumbs ups and thumbs downs
  3. Comment number: Number of submitted comments (replies to comments do not count)
  4. Rated restaurants: Number of rated restaurants from Maurer's Selection Grand Restaurant in the current year
  5. Participation in gastronomic events: Number of purchased tickets for the Prague Food Festival and the Grand Restaurant Festival

Based on these criteria you can achieve the following ranks:

Plna vidlickaPrazdna vidlickaPrazdna vidlickaPrazdna vidlickaPrazdna vidlicka Food Lover      
Plna vidlickaPlna vidlickaPrazdna vidlickaPrazdna vidlickaPrazdna vidlicka Foodie      
Plna vidlickaPlna vidlickaPlna vidlickaPrazdna vidlickaPrazdna vidlicka Gourmet      
Plna vidlickaPlna vidlickaPlna vidlickaPlna vidlickaPrazdna vidlicka Connoisseur      
Plna vidlickaPlna vidlickaPlna vidlickaPlna vidlickaPlna vidlicka Food Guru      


We advise that each registered user can respond to your comments both in a positive and a negative way, and even report a specific comment as “spam” in case of a gross violation of rules. Therefore we recommend that you consider the contents and manner of your presentation and naturally that you respect the prescribed Registration Terms and Conditions.

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U jídelního stolu je jediné místo, kde se první hodinu nikdy nenudíte.
Anthelme Brillat-Savarin